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Use a Furniture Hoist to get all your Furniture into the Upper Floor of a Building

When moving into a new apartment that is situated on one of the top floors of your apartment building can be a challenge. There is a lot of hauling involved in the moving process. And dragging all your furniture through the staircase can make the situation a lot worse.

But you don’t have to worry anymore, as man and van Balham experts help you manage in getting all those large articles of furniture into your apartment using a furniture hoist:

Hire a furniture hoist: Not everything is going to fit up the stairs or the elevator. A furniture hoist will work in that scenario. It is a contraption that can lift your items straight up to the balcony of your apartment. You can decide whether you will need the hoist for just a few hours during the day or for all day long.

Make sure that the entrance from your balcony into the apartment is large enough to drag the assets that are being hauled up: If not, you may want to remove the door off its hinges to allow some more space for the items to slide through the entrance.

Another solution can be to find the largest entry point on your apartment’s floor and use that to get your assets hauled up to your apartment.

Make the machine and man with van Balham experts work in sync: If you have hired a removals team to assist you man and van professionals will know how to use a furniture hoist and haul up all your assets safely and securely.

However, if your friends are helping you manage the shifting process, you might want one or two of you to be present on the balcony and drag out the items that are being pulled up by the machine.

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